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Your permanent part-time Chief Marketing Officer

Medical Marketing

Driving revenues for medical companies, hospitals, physician groups and dental practices.
Medical Marketing Specialist - Chicago

Luxury Marketing

Successful marketing efforts in the luxury living area, from architects and custom builders to kitchen companies to craftsmen to manufacturers.
Luxury Marketing Chicago

Event Marketing

From small seminars to large-scale events.
Event Marketing Chicago

Marketing Literature

Books, brochures and newsletters that build brands and companies.
Marketing Literature

Electronic Marketing

Web sites and e-mail blasts that are at the hearts of most modern marketing efforts.
Electronic Marketing - Websites

Media Advertising

Traditional advertising that acts like a magnet to attract prospects, fill sales pipelines and reinforce brands.
Media Advertising

Public Relations

Traditional public relations efforts and blogs aimed directly at your target market.
Public Relations Marketing


ES&A can help you touch your customers at an emotional depth never before reached. This is true 360 degree marketing, applied to your web site, optimization, RSS feeds, forums, blogs, print ads, direct mail, newsletters, literature, commercials, seminars, webinars, events, speeches, public relations, etc. (we are experts in all of them, helping you get the most out of your budget) – whatever combination is best for you to achieve maximum measurable results, build your brand, and grow your business. In a world filled with competitors, technologies, and delivery choices, we will separate you from the crowd, honestly and ethically, through your message.


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Marketing begins with research, identifies needs and customers/prospects, reaches them, and brings in leads and sales. When education and experience are added to talent and success is judged by responses and revenue generated, an excellent marketing firm emerges. ES&A is such a marketing company. For each client, we begin with a marketing plan. Through research, SWOT analyses, and experience, we define niche markets, create strategies (identity, image, brand, positioning, etc.), and choose tactics. Modern marketing is often a mix of Internet/online/viral/e-mail, direct marketing, public relations, guerilla tactics, green sensitivities, management insights, networking, events, and traditional media advertising. The marketing plan tells us what is best for your company and your situation.





ESA Chicago Marketing Specialists
Marketing Blog FROM ED'S BLOG

…Catalogs, mass mailers, large events, networking sessions, seminars, articles in major publications, stories on network TV, newsletters, company literature like brochures and media kits, logos, and enormously successful web sites. Please click on ‘samples” for a few examples. We can show you hundreds more. However, we would much rather focus on your company and your needs. We judge ourselves by your success and we set high standards. Please do not hesitate to ask us for client referrals. Your brand is the emotional connection between your clients/prospects and your company/products. Let ES&A help you build your brand.


Our logo represents Ed Sucherman looking over an art board. He is standing in a doorway in the middle of the night, with one light bulb shining out upon the rest of the world, which is sound asleep. It means that we are working for our clients, 24/7/365, so that the marketing efforts we produce – even in the middle of the night -- help your company to “be all that it can be,” in terms of sales, values, and character.

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