Clients Testimonials

Jim Bruns
Former Marketing Manager

Far too often, a marketing consultant’s plan revolves around the key executives’ “gut” feelings about their company, customer base, and potential market. But execs don’t have the time to do the appropriate research, nor do they have the specific marketing knowledge. So, they bring in an outside firm --but what they usually get is more political than insightful. Ed Sucherman understands what’s needed and how to assess the real situation. He puts together a plan that will work.
Ed’s copy is clear, precise, and always focused. He engages key markets that are objectively identified by his research. His strategy is on target. And he always works within budgets.
Ed is creative both in terms of the plan and the execution. Web sites are excellent, ads are elegant, and events are well attended and run smoothly. He objectively evaluates the results and is always fine-tuning the program to ensure his clients receive the best possible returns.

Marvin Sotoloff
President, SR Realty Partners Ltd.

I have worked with Ed for many years and he has not only been very responsive and professional but more importantly he is extremely creative…his mind works in “peculiar” ways…and that’s exactly the type of marketing person you want on your team.

Karen Connelly
Professor, University of Illinois School of Medicine

Ed Sucherman is a top marketing professional who is especially tuned into medical marketing. As a professional medical educator for more than 35 years, I have been struck by his sensitivity to the patient's point of view. He recently developed a very creative and useful patient record booklet that, both as a professional and as a patient, I think would be useful in many practices. Ed is a high integrity, intelligent up-to-date and extremely creative professional. He works tirelessly for his clients and is not satisfied until they are 100% satisfied. Ed's analyses are thorough and his marketing strategies are razor sharp. Don't miss an opportunity to work with him!

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